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Having over 20 years of industry experience ,Suzhou Dream Vision Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of optical sorting systems with IPR in China. Dream Vision designs and offers art products and solutions to meet the demands, such as Peanut Chute Color Sorter, Cashew Nut Color Sorter, Bean Chute Color Sorter, CCD Color Sorter, Cashew Grading Machine, etc... It is aiming to consolidate company’s sales and distribution network in international market. There are reliable business partners worldwide to act as agents and distributors, we also hope for more qualified partners to join us.

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Engineering the best solutions

Spices Color Sorting Solution

Spices Color Sorter Spices: Are non-leafy parts (e.g., bud, fruit, seed, bark, rhizome, and bulb) of plants used as a flavoring or seasoning, although many can also be used as a herbal medicine. American Spices Association deems “whatever plant are essentially used as food flavouring or seasoning; it can be called spices.   Dream Vision in Spice processing, Cleaning, grading, Sorting, Sterilization, Grinding and Packaging. Thanks to continuous learning and practice, we know well the product and the technology. Our machines are dedicated to processing various spices, some of which are listed below.   The Dream Vision corporate culture that makes people live a better life and all thinks for the customer, enable itself to quickly adapt to more applications to meet your special needs.  

Raisin Color Sorting Solution

Raisin Color Sorter Raisins are foods formed by dehydration of grape fruits through the use of solar heat or artificial heating, with high sugar content and are a typical high-energy nutrient. Raisins have low water content and are convenient for transportation and storage. The most important dried grapes around the world are the green seedless grape variety seedless white, while other dried varieties include white rose fragrance and black Collins. Due to the strict requirements on grape varieties, producing areas and climate, raisin drying is only distributed in California of USA , Türkiye, Iran, China. Dream Vision Raisin sorting provides a sorting solution that can effectively detect and remove various foreign objects such as cap stems, stems, stalk, stones, molds, discolored products, as well as plastic and glass, and classify and sort products. Not only color selection, we can also sort raisins through various methods such as weight, size, external quality, and product classification!   The advantages of Dream Vision raisin sorting • Increase output • Reduce labor demand • Increase production • Consistent quality    

Corn Color Sorting Solution

Corn Color Sorter Corn is the most suitable variety among the three major grain crops as an industrial raw material and also the most highly processed grain crop. The selection of corn processing materials is very strict, and it is necessary to choose corn with full particles and no mold or insect infestation as the raw material to remove impurities such as stones, small corn, and soil from the corn, and to obtain corn with uniform particle size. It is best to use our corn color sorter in this process, which not only saves labor but also can obtain high-quality corn granules. Dream Vision color sorter : Dream Vision Intelligent color technology CCD corn color sorter can remove mold particles, imperfect particles, burnt particles and other heterochromatic particles in corn perfectly. Accepts: Rejects:   Accepts: Rejects  

Coffee Color Sorting Solution

Coffee Color Sorter  Coffee is a beverage made from roasted coffee beans. The color of coffee is dark, bitter, and slightly acidic, which has a stimulating effect on the human body, mainly due to its caffeine content. It is the most popular hot drink in the world. The two most common types of coffee beans are C. arabica and C. robusta. Coffee plants are grown in over 70 countries/regions, mainly distributed in the Americas, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and the equatorial regions of Africa. As of 2018, Brazil was the main producer of coffee beans, accounting for 35% of the world's total production.   Dream Vision Color Sorter :We can adjust machine for your requesting sorting performance. Flowing rate, sorting efficiency, sorting yield. These 3 aspects are important to determine machine setting. Any 2 out of these 3 aspects have improportional relations. For example, the higher flowing rate, the lower sorting efficiency is. In test, it is better for customer to see how the machine be adjusted.  

Wheat Color Sorting Solution

Wheat Color Sorter In addition to malignant impurities, Dream Vision color sorter improves the ability to accurately identify wheat straw, not degranulated, broken, other dark impurities .   Dream Vision color sorter: The main function and process performance of Dream Vision Color Sorter in wheat processing. Layout and Use of Wheat Cleaning Technology - Position of Color Sorter in Cleaning Process The color sorter machine requires that the wheat entering the machine is clean, free of bran dust, and has good fluidity. Therefore, it should be set after the last vibrating grader of raw wheat cleaning and before entering the temporary storage bin of clean wheat. When using a color sorter, a three-way pipe is set up before the destoner in the precleaning section, which can bypass the destoner. It will reduce a large amount of power loss, and reduces the power consumption per ton of wheat flour. According to the production situation, the bypass switch-plate can be flexibly set to adjust the precleaning process to meet the product performance requirements. - Usage of Color Sorter in precleaning Process In order to meet the requirements of production and quality, it is often necessary to use two or more color sorters, arranged in parallel or series. Given the production requirements for cleaning up the wheat flour milling process, the resort accept of the color goes generally into primary accept flowing of materials.    

Beans Optical Sorting Solution

Beans Color Sorter Beans: Common name for large seeds of legume family, term used for unripe, ripe seeds which can be eaten uncooked or cooked.   Dream Vision color sorter :  -Unsound grains sorting Small bean are injured but still suitable for human consumption as follows: Immature grain: the grain is shriveled, the shriveling skin meets ½ or above of whole area. The shape is difference from normal grain obviously. Insect damage: attacked by insect ,injured on cotyledon. Bacterial attack: on the surface with illness spot, injured on embryo. Broken staved: broken, injured on embryo. Sprouted: sprout or root grows up to skin. Mold:Impurity Classified by specified sieve, no value to using, category includes as follows: Inorganic foreign material includes glass, plastic, metal, mud balls, straw, chaff, wood (Bad). Organic impurity:includes invaluable small beans, other grain, stalk, etc. Pulses - Commodities covered usually.  

Peanut Optical Sorting Solution

Peanut Color Sorter Peanut is a leguminous crop and one of the main varieties of high-quality edible oil, also known as "peanut" or "evergreen fruit". Fallen flowers are annual herbaceous plants. Originating from tropical and subtropical regions of South America. Dream Vision Color Sorter :Ultra precision color sorting machine for sorting peanuts to ensure quality. Dream Vision color sorter is a very effective optic sorting technology for peanuts, which can effectively improve the quality and value of peanuts. The principle of sorting peanuts using a color sorter is to use the color&size characteristics of peanuts and classify them into different quality levels through the optical system of the color sorter. The advantage of a color sorter in sorting peanuts is its speed and accuracy, which can effectively remove pollutants from peanuts and improve their quality.  

Cashew Nut Color Sorting Solution

Cashew Nut Color Sorter Cashew nuts are native to tropical America and are distributed in southwestern and southern China. They are now widely cultivated in tropical regions around the world. Cashew nuts can be eaten raw or made into juice, jam, preserves, canned and brewed. Their shell oil is an excellent preservative or waterproof agent, and their wood is corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for shipbuilding. In addition, a study published in the monthly Journal of Internal Medicine in the United States showed that cashew nuts also have a good softening effect on blood vessels, which is beneficial for protecting blood vessels and preventing cardiovascular diseases. The majority of the people of Mozambique are engaged in agricultural labor, with cash crops such as sugarcane and cotton. Among them, cashew is the most famous. Mozambique is the main producer of cashew in the world and enjoys the reputation of "the hometown of cashew".   Dream Vision color sorter : Dream Vision cashew nut color sorter can detect and remove pests, burnt, rotten, black spotted, cashew nut particles, as well as foreign objects such as sand and stones; The separation of shell &kernels can also be carried out separately.  


Join Us as Authorized Agents-From 2024.2.29

Are you an experienced local company with a rich network in industries such as grains, pulses, nuts, spices, coffee, seeds, and tea? We are currently seeking dynamic partners to become our authorized agents in your region! As a trusted player in the market, we invite you to join our network and take on the role of an authorized agent. Your responsibilities will include spearheading sales and service efforts in your local market. In return, we offer a stable platform with ample technical and sales support to ensure your success. Are you intrigued by this opportunity? Take the next step by reaching out to us through email or WhatsApp to delve deeper into our collaboration. WhatsApp:+86 18915447311  

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  • Suzhou Dream Vision Successfully Ships 20 Color Sorters to India

    Suzhou Dream Vision recently successfully shipped 20 advanced color sorters to India, marking an important step in the company's efforts to expand its international market and enhance its global influence.   The shipped color sorters are of the DCS 8T, DCS 10T etc. models, known for their high precision, efficiency, and user-friendly operation. These machines utilize the latest photoelectric detection technology and intelligent algorithms, capable of quickly and accurately separating materials of different colors. They are widely used in industries such as grain, minerals, and plastics.   "We are delighted to deliver these high-quality color sorters to the Indian market," said Albert,  sales director of Suzhou Dream Vision. "India is a market with immense potential, and we believe these machines will help local businesses improve production efficiency and reduce costs."   The successful completion of this shipment is a testament to the close collaboration and hard work of all departments within the company. From order confirmation and manufacturing to logistics and transportation, each step reflects Suzhou Dream Vision's high level of responsibility and professionalism towards its customers.   As Suzhou Dream Vision continues to explore global markets, we remain committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our clients. The company will strengthen international cooperation, drive technological innovation, and continuously enhance brand value, striving to become a leading enterprise in the industry.  

    July 03, 2024
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  • SDV UV Color Sorter: Precision Detection of Aflatoxin for Ensuring Food Safety

    In food processing and agricultural production, aflatoxin, a carcinogen posing a significant threat to human health, has always been a critical focus of food safety testing. To more efficiently and accurately sort out aflatoxin-contaminated agricultural products, we introduce the advanced UV Color Sorter. Utilizing ultraviolet spectrum technology, this machine enables rapid detection and removal of aflatoxin.   Advantages of the SDV UV Color Sorter 1. Efficient Identification: The UV Color Sorter uses ultraviolet spectrum technology to precisely identify aflatoxin-contaminated particles. When exposed to UV light, aflatoxin contaminants emit a specific fluorescence, which the machine can quickly capture and remove, ensuring product quality.  2. Intelligent Sorting: Equipped with advanced AI algorithms, the UV Color Sorter automatically removes contaminated particles based on detected fluorescence characteristics, significantly enhancing sorting accuracy and efficiency. 3. Easy Operation: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the UV Color Sorter features an intuitive interface. With minimal training, users can easily operate the machine, reducing labor costs and improving operational efficiency. 4. High Capacity and Precision: The UV Color Sorter can handle both large-scale production and small-batch processing. It efficiently processes large quantities of agricultural products while maintaining high sorting precision, making it suitable for various food and agricultural product processing enterprises.  5. Eco-friendly and Energy-efficient: The UV Color Sorter is designed for low energy consumption, operating with minimal noise and reduced energy usage, meeting modern green environmental requirements and supporting sustainable development. Wide Range of Applications The UV Color Sorter is not only suitable for detecting aflatoxin in grains and nuts but is also widely used in the quality sorting of coffee beans, tea leaves, medicinal herbs, and various food and pharmaceutical raw materials. Whether for farms, food processing plants, or third-party testing agencies, the UV Color Sorter is the ideal choice for ensuring product quality and consumer health. Choose Us, Choose Safety As an industry-leading UV Color Sorter manufacturer, we are committed to providing the most advanced technology and the highest quality service. Our products boast outstanding performance and comprehensive after-sales support, offering you complete assistance and assurance. In an era where food safety is increasingly prioritized, the application of UV Color Sorters has become an industry trend. Let us work together to safeguard food safety and provide consumers with healthier, safer food!

    June 21, 2024
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  • Inheriting Tradition, Sharing Joy: Dragon Boat Festival and Children's Day

    In China, the summer season not only brings the traditional Dragon Boat Festival but also the laughter-filled Children's Day. These two festivals embody the essence of Chinese culture and bring endless joy to children. Let's explore these celebrations together, experiencing the blend of tradition and modernity.   Dragon Boat Festival: The Charm of Ancient Traditions The Dragon Boat Festival, celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, commemorates the great poet Qu Yuan. For thousands of years, people have expressed their admiration for Qu Yuan and their pursuit of a better life through various unique customs. During the Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boat races are the most iconic activity. Rivers across the country host these competitive events, with the beating of drums and synchronized rowing. This not only showcases the combination of strength and beauty but also symbolizes unity and cooperation. Another highlight of the Dragon Boat Festival is tasting Zongzi. These are pyramid-shaped dumplings made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves, often containing various fillings. The aroma and rich flavors of Zongzi differ from region to region, reflecting local characteristics and folk wisdom. To ward off evil spirits and bring health and peace, people hang mugwort and calamus on their doors during the Dragon Boat Festival. Children wear sachets made of colorful silk threads filled with herbal medicines, which are both decorative and practical, embodying blessings for their health and safety. Suzhou Dream Vision Co.Ltd has prepared Zongzi gift boxes for employees to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival together.          Children's Day: A Time of Joy for Kids June 1st marks International Children's Day, a much-anticipated day for children. It is not only a time for them to play and have fun but also a crucial occasion for society to focus on and protect children's rights. On this day, parks and amusement venues organize a variety of entertaining activities, where children can immerse themselves in games and interactions, enjoying their special day to the fullest. Theaters offer special children's plays and concerts, providing educational entertainment that stimulates imagination and creativity. Children's Day is also an excellent opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their kids. Outings, museum visits, and parent-child activities create lasting memories in a warm family atmosphere, strengthening the bond between parents and children. Moreover, many charitable organizations hold donation and fundraising events during Children's Day to help underprivileged children and orphans. These charitable actions spread love and encourage more people to focus on children's growth and development. Suzhou Dream Vision Co.Ltd also provided additional benefits for employees' children under the age of 14. Festival Convergence: Inheritance and Care The Dragon Boat Festival and Children's Day, though originating differently, converge in the summer, adding color to our lives. The Dragon Boat Festival preserves the rich traditions of Chinese culture, while Children's Day highlights society's care and concern for the future. Let us, during these two festivals, enjoy the charm of traditional culture and create beautiful memories for children. Let us work together to inherit culture and care for children, creating a better and more harmonious world for them. May every child grow up healthy under the sun and have a bright future; may our traditional culture continue to flourish in modern society.

    June 04, 2024
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  • Warmly Welcome the Visit and Guidance from German PROBAT

    On 29th.  May, Experts from German PROBAT  visited our factory. They highly recognized our manufacturing capabilities and sorter quality after test the colour sorter and X-ray detector for bulk products with the coffee bean material and impurity sample specially that they brought by themselves. profile of German PROBAT Since 1868 PROBAT has stood for pioneering solutions in the processing of coffee. They have become the world market leader in machinery and systems for the coffee and food industry. They also share a passion for coffee and a fascination for technology with representatives in over 40 countries. Each one of these is an important brand ambassador for PROBAT.        

    May 30, 2024
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